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Why would I want to use MY ONZAMAP to create my New Zealand travel itinerary?
Because it's just that great!  It's like the old saying goes 'If it seems too good to be true, then it probably is, unless it's ONZAMAP related, then embrace it like your brother/sister/puppy!' or something like that anyway.

MY ONZAMAP gives all users the opportunity to create their very own interactive travel itinerary.  You can choose from our extensive database of tourism businesses and add those that best meet your requirements, being sure to  include travel dates,  driving times and distances to make sure you get where you want to go in good time.  MY ONZAMAP also gives you the opportunity to add your own notes for any personal items you need to remember.  You can create and edit itineraries as much as you like to make sure you achieve your perfect trip!

Can other people see what I've been doing on MY ONZAMAP?
Only if you want them to.  There are a few different security settings you can choose from; so it can either be completely private so only you can access your information, half private where you have selected people you know who you wouldn't mind seeing what you're up to, or public where your itinerary and plans will be visible in the MY ONZAMAP Gallery.

It's entirely up to you which security settings you choose, but we would recommend going public!  Looking at other users itineraries and their choices and experiences is a great way to learn about what's on offer and what people thought.  By making your itinerary public you can also help others!

What other cool things does MY ONZAMAP do that make it so awesome?
Well I'm glad you asked that question! 

MY ONZAMAP provides you with the ultimate way of staying in touch with your loved ones back home or wherever they may be while you're actually experiencing New Zealand for real. 

All you need to do is log in to MY ONZAMAP during your travels and upload your pictures and add to your blog as often as you like.  It's loads better than a regular blog site because you can add your posts to your map so people can actually see where you were when you jumped off a bridge/sheared a sheep/ate a feijoa/flew a stunt plane etc.

I haven't received my activation email, what's going on?
To activate your account simply check the email address you used to register this account and click on the activation link in the email you have just received from us.

Be sure to check your junk / spam folder in case your spam filter has mistakenly identified your activation email. Some email providers are known to occasionally block emails from senders not explicitly defined in your 'safe list' so if you are having trouble receiving your activation email, be sure to add info@onzamap.co.nz to your address book or add it as a trusted sender.

Some email providers are set up to delete spam immediately by default - if this is the case you will need to adjust your spam settings and request a new activation code here.


FAQ / Help