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John - The man behind the plan

About Us

So then… this page is supposed to be really important!  Apparently it’s our chance to build rapport with those who stumble in from the cold and sometimes bewildering landscape of the World Wide Web.  So welcome one and all!  Take your jacket off, grab a drink and make yourself comfortable; you’ve found the best place to learn about and plan your future New Zealand travel experience online.

We’re a small ‘yet to be bought out’ company, and our main focus from the ‘Hey I think I’ve got an idea’ moment has been on creating the most authentic/friendly/helpful/inspiring/colourful/interactive website for helping travellers make the most of all that New Zealand has to offer.  Every aspect of ONZAMAP has been designed with you in mind!  You don’t have to join the crowds of people sending ‘Thanks so much’ emails and chocolates and other neat stuff.  Just promise that you’ll learn to love New Zealand like we do, it really isn’t hard!

When we need to take time out from enjoying New Zealands natural beauty and all the good times we can achieve by simply stepping outside, there’s nothing we like more than finding ways to improve our awesome little/big website.  So you can rest assured that what you find here is great, up to date information, delivered to you in the most current format we can achieve!

In general, most people get excited about the thought of going on a New Zealand holiday.  This is why, here at ONZAMAP HQ, we endeavour to remove any annoying ‘thingies’ that get in the way of your excitement.  

  • We understand that you’re here to find New Zealand travel information, but you’re not looking to read ‘War and Peace’!  You will find our information exactly where you would expect to find it, and it’s provided in bite size chunks as well for ‘Ooh that’s interesting’ moments instead of ‘Ok.. that’s cool, but all I wanted to know was…’ moments.
  • At ONZAMAP you can do a search for a specific New Zealand travel category you’re interested in, and then see every available option from across the whole of New Zealand on one page.  We don’t want to make you look through ten pages of lists to find the perfect option for you!  We don’t like lists, simple as that!
  • There’s so much on offer to travellers visiting New Zealand, and sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything you want to do.  This is why we have developed the MY ONZAMAP trip-planning tool so you don’t lose things that take your interest!
  • If you're unsure about what you want out of a New Zealand vacation, you can check out what other people have been up to with the MY ONZAMAP Gallery.  Scroll through all the personalised itineraries to see what people have been up to, and most importantly what they thought of it!  Once you're a registered user you can even make comments on your fellow users posts!
  • Once you’ve found everything you need for your New Zealand experience and created your MY ONZAMAP itinerary complete with dates and driving times, you can  print it off to use as your very own New Zealand travel guide to make the most of the time you have here.
  • After you’ve planned your New Zealand travel experience with the MY ONZAMAP trip-planning tool you can then use it to create a travel blog of your NZ adventures when you’re here.  Upload your daily experiences and photos to share with your family and friends who had to stay at home!
  • When you get home, print out your itinerary once again, and this time it will include all your travel blog information and photos.  It will become a lovely book that you can make your friends and family jealous with!  You could even just save it to your computer to look over it again and again to relive your New Zealand travel experience.

The Maori symbol you can see in the top left of every page is the 'Triple Twist'.  The 'Triple Twist' represents the joining together of peoples and cultures for eternity, and even though they go through the highs and lows of life they will remain bonded by friendship and loyalty for life.

So welcome once again!  Make use of this site to make the most of your New Zealand travel experience, and if you pass through Motueka be sure to drop us a line!


About Us