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Tipuna Tours

What we do

A day with Tipuna Tours ensures you take home the most valuable souvenir of all - understanding. 

From the moment you meet our guides you will be enthralled by the stories they tell you. We openly welcome you to come and enjoy what we have to offer. We share our whakapapa (genealogy) our knowledge and ourselves in a way that you the Visitor can learn, understand and enjoy.

From large groups to families or just for one we can cater to your needs. We let you choose what you want to see, this allows freedom for you our visitor to be shown exactly what you want. Be enraptured by the stories of the people who once lived off the land, growing their own crops and fishing from the ocean that surrounds the Eastland district.

Tipuna Tours packages can offer a traditional powhiri (welcome) to a Marae that has ancestral history. Take a walk to Cooks Cove and enjoy the views of the Uawa, have fried bread and Raw Fish at the one of the popular local cafes, travel up the coast a little way to the local winery and sip on Chardonnay under the vines or we can take you to Dive Tatapouri to feed the stingrays and for those who want more of a thrill the Rere Rockslide.

For those who want a more sedate tour we can show you around Gisborne city pointing out some of the more historic sites that has made Gisborne the birthplace of a Nation. We will show you where the first meeting of European and Maori took place the list is endless. We have all day for you with many stories to share.

Visit some very good Wineries around Gisborne where the wine-makers will get off the tractor and jump in the car with you, show you around their vineyard and take you to their own home where you can sit on the verandah to sample some of the best Chardonnays in the world.


M: +64 27 240 4493