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Wings over Whales

About us

While you are in New Zealand head for Kaikoura and go whale watching....by aeroplane! It's the best way to view whales and mountains while in New Zealand.

In a typical 30 minute flight you will see the majestic Sperm Whale preparing for his next dive and up to 500 Dusky Dolphins playfully swimming. Occasional sightings include Southern Right, Humpback, Fin, Sei, Brydes, Pilot, Southern Bottlenose and Blue Whales. Other, less frequent, visitors to the area include Common, Hectors, Risso's and Southern Right Whale Dolphins, and Orca.

Flying over Kaikoura Peninsula, you can see evidence of Maori fortifications (Pa sites), the township of Kaikoura and New Zealand Fur Seals relaxing on the rocks.

During favourable conditions, passengers can enjoy a spectacular flight over the 2800m high Seaward Kaikoura Ranges.

“Wings over Whales has a sighting rate in excess of 95% for Sperm Whales and a cancellation rate of less than 5%--unmatched by others!!”


P: +64 3 319 6580
Kaikoura Airfield ,
New Zealand